The sun is shining for 24 hours a day now on Svalbard. The light is brighter than ever and we can explore the island day and night.

The last few months have been very exciting and active.

In February we went on two ski-excursions to learn all about winter-camping and skiing in the Svalbard nature.

I’d never been camping in minus degrees before, but I can truly tell you that it is great!

Picture: Sigvor Djukastein Mala

My teachers and fellow students taught me everything and now I can enjoy being out in a tent at -25 degrees Celsius.

I’ve discovered how important it is for me to see the landscape change around me and to travel through it on my own power.

There is a lot of solitude in this way of travelling through the white, that I can recommend to anyone.

Soon I will finish the movie on the skiing trips and present it to you here.

I took this picture on my favourite day of the trip, where the light was changing the surroundings by the minute.

Now the sun is back, there are only 3 things that I really miss from the last few months:

The Northern lights, the stars and…

These shades of colors in the sky.