It’s the dark season now. In the middle of the day we can see some light from the south behind the mountains.

Since the last excursion we have done and learned a lot, closer to home. It starts to feel more normal to live here and it is easier to understand how to dress. Still, I am sometimes surprised by how the same temperature can feel so different with or without the wind.

The last weeks we have learned a lot about leadership, first aid and about how Svalbard is organized. I am impressed by the search and rescue operations performed here in the past and impressed by how things are organized in the Svalbard wilderness. I feel privileged to learn about this and to get more knowledge and skills, step by step.


In about 2 weeks I will be travelling down to the Netherlands for a short time, to come up here in January again. There is so much to look forward to, when I come back up here!

I can’t  wait until there is more snow, to see the mountains all covered in white and to ski down from them.

Soon I hope to capture the Northern Lights, that have been shining above us. But for now, some pictures from trips close to town, from the winter that started in autumn.