It’s only a few days left and the sun won’t rise above the horizon any more.

So, I have been trying to spend as much time as possible outside, in the nature. That makes me realize even more how special the last month has been.

We have been on an 8 day hiking trip from Longyearbyen to Barentszburg and back. For me, this was the first time travelling with a tent in Svalbard’s nature, changing camp every day. We travelled in small groups and I was together with Kine, Maike, Sigurd and Asbjørn. I enjoyed being together with them very much and it was nice to have time to get to know each other while hiking.

Of course, this trip was about more than just hiking. We had to prepare the route, learn about navigation, route-finding, storytelling, polar-bear watch, group-spirit and an endless amount of other things. We had the opportunity to be the guide of the group every other day and to learn from each other.

Sigmund and Jens (our teachers) joined us on half of the trip, and learned us everything, from route-finding to camp-routines. I hope, one day, I can travel and explore Svalbard with the same ease as they do.

It was a trip to always remember and therefor I made this video (HD).